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Art Gallery Collections

The Permanent Collection offers something of value for a wide variety of visitors with its broad representation of periods, styles and cultures. Initially formed in 1973, the permanent collection was significantly expanded in 1986 with contributions by Rachel and Allen Weller, and by Ruth and Ira Julian, dedicated art collectors. Recently, Dr. A. Kelly Maness Jr. expanded the holdings with the contribution of a noteworthy collection of African sculpture. Spanning more than 4000 years and four continents, the permanent collection now includes more than 1500 original works of art by more than 600 artists.

The collections serve as a primary source of knowledge and inspiration for use by students and the community at large. While 20th century American art is predominant, the collection also includes internationally renowned artists such as Rembrandt, Picasso and Dalí, works from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, an impressive selection of contemporary Polish etchings and engravings, and a small collection of Josef and Anni Albers art and archival material.

The Art Gallery encourages faculty and students to utilize its resources and seeks to integrate its activities into the College’s academic program and curricular initiatives. In addition to serving the needs of the College community, the Art Gallery is committed to making its collections and programming widely available at no charge.

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