image description

Anonymous American

Head, early 19th C., stone, 8 x 5-1/2″, 1996.7.33.

Gift of Rachel and Allen Weller.

Lexington, NC Storefront, 1977, mixed media, 41-1/2 x 39-1/2″, 1990.1.29.
Gift of Ruth and Ira Julian.

Madonna and Child, 1977, limestone, 23-1/2h x 15w x 4d” irregular, 1990.1.31.
Gift of Ruth and Ira Julian.

Shalom, n.d., stained glass, 10″diam., 1990.8.1.
Gift of Beth David Synagogue.

Untitled (Eagle), 1974, etching, 16 x 20″, 1993.10.3.1.
Gift of David and Diane Kent.

Roma Near…(Landscape with tree), n.d., etching on paper, 13″-1/2′ x 10″, 2005.3.23.
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Melvin D. Hurwitz