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What Goes Around, Comes Around

 Bonnie Monteleone: What Goes Around, Comes Around

March 8-24, 2013

McMichael Family Atrium,

2nd Floor, Founders Hall

Opening Reception, Friday, March 8, 7:30 p.m.

The presence of plastics in our oceans has proven to be a significant threat to marine life, navigational safety, and a potential health risk to humans through fish consumption.  Few species on the planet are spared from the negative effects of this pollution.  Bonnie Monteleone has been researching this issue over the past four years. Using some of the plastics she has collected from her near 10,000 nm experiences at sea, she has created 25′ of canvas art juxtaposed against one of the most internationally recognized works of art, “The Wave” by Hokusai circa 1830s.  The show also consists of footage, photos, and educational panels on the problems and the solutions to plastic pollution.  ”What Goes Around, Comes Around” combines science with art to illustrate the compromised environment for the sake of convenience, that there is no such place as away, and how discarded plastics can come back in a not-so convenient way.”