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Heel of the Boot: Prints by Sue Coe

Heel of the Boot: Prints by Sue Coe
March 16 – April 26, 1998
This retrospective exhibition of the internationally acclaimed post-modernist who began her career as an illustrator for the New York Times, was organized and circulated by Arizona State University Art Museum. Coe’s portrayals of victims of war, racism, AIDS, sexism, and slaughter are powerful cultural critiques. This comprehensive exhibition featured nearly 100 prints, including a selection of historical prints by socially concerned artists such as Francisco de Goya, Honore Daumier, and George Grosz, which placed Coe’s work in historic and conceptual context. A color brochure accompanied the exhibition. A 25-minute documentary film about the artist, Painted Landscapes of the Times, was presented along with the exhibition.
Coe was Visiting Artist on campus April 1-2, and presented a public slide lecture titled, “Against Forgetting.” She also led a hands-on workshop for student activists,which culminated in the group’s production of a socially-concerned coloring book for children. Additionally, she met with various classes, and individual students during her visit.