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From One Hand to Another

From One Hand to Another

August 18  - October  08, 2008
Opening Reception

Wednesday, August  27, 5:00-7:00 p.m.  


Guilford College Art Gallery’s first exhibit of the year pays tribute to the tradition of passing down the knowledge of clay-working from teacher to student. “From One Hand to Another,” curated by ceramics instructor Charles Tefft, brings together 10 artists and a former pupil of each to focus on the way in which ceramic craft knowledge and philosophy are passed from mentor to pupil through education and apprenticeship.

With the work of mentor and pupil shown side by side, one may examine the skills and artistic influence passed from the hand of one artist to another, as well as the unique vision of each student.

The 10 participating mentor artists (with apprentice artists in parentheses) are: Mark Shapiro (Michael McCarthy), Matt Long (Ashley Chavis), Liz Quackenbush (Kristin Pavelka), Kevin Crowe (Krista Loomans), Silvie Granatelli (Elisa Di Feo), Gail Kendall (Joseph Pintz), Lynn Duryea (Suzanne Hobbs), Mark Hewitt (Matt Jones), Ron Meyers (Steve Driver), Lisa Young (Charlie Tefft and Phil Haralam).


                          Matt Jones                                                       Charlie Tefft