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What I Keep: Photographs of the New Face of Homelessness and Poverty by Susan Mullally

What I Keep: Photographs of the New Face of Homelessness and Poverty

 by Susan Mullally

October 8 – December 10, 2010

Susan Mullally’s work explores ideas of class, race, ownership, value and cultural identification. In What I Keep, she collaborates with members of The Church Under the Bridge in Waco, TX, an inter-denominational, multi-cultural Christian church that has been meeting under an Interstate-35 overpass for seventeen years. Many of the people have had significant disruptions in their lives, experienced periods of homelessness or incarceration, addiction to drugs and alcohol, mental illness or profound poverty and hopelessness. Many are working toward a new measure of stability and accomplishment. Other members have more stable lives and are drawn to service at the Church Under the Bridge. The artist asks each person what he or she keeps and why it is valued. This collaborative project is in the third year (2007-2009) and has produced 58 portraits, made on Sunday mornings. The work is a series of life-size images (36″ x 24″) with brief statements about each person’s choice.

Presented in conjunction with Guilford’s theme year focus on sustainability, Green and Beyond, and with the Greensboro Public Library’s One City One Book community reading of The Soloist by Steve Lopez, the exhibition offers opportunities to consider the related issues of spiritual, economic and community sustainability, along with topics of homelessness, mental illness, and the power of the arts both  to heal, and to forge connections and friendships between unlikely individuals.

Related Events

The artist will be in residence October 8-12 and will visit classes and participate in the following free public events, which are all held in the Art Gallery:

Friday, October 8, 5-7p.m. 

Opening reception.


Sunday, October 10, 2:30 p.m.

Public discussion of themes shared by the photographic exhibition, What I Keep, and the Greensboro Public Library’s One City One Book selection, The Soloist, by Steve Lopez. This event is co-sponsored by the Guilford College Friends of the Library.


Tuesday, October 12, 7:30-9:00 p.m.

Public dialogue focusing on homelessness, with the artist, the Guilford College’s Center for Principled Problem Solving Scholars, and guests from Greensboro’s Interactive Resource Center, a day center for homeless people. Seating is very limited. Please call 316-2438 or 316-2483 to reserve a space.