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2nd Guilford College All-Faculty & Staff Expressions of Creativity

October 10 – December 12, 2011
Opening reception: Wednesday, October 12, from 1:00-3:00 p.m.
This event is free, and the public is cordially invited to attend.

Guilford College Art Gallery presents “The 2nd All-Faculty & Staff Expressions of Creativity,” exhibition, opening in the main gallery, Hege Library on Wednesday, October 12.

The first all-faculty & Staff exhibition was held in 2004 and included 26 artists representing current  and emeriti faculty members from the Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences and Business & Policy divisions and  staff members from the Correspondence Center, the Mail Room, Friends Center, Maintenance, IT&S, the Library and the Initiative on Faith & Practice.

 Installation view from 2011 Faculty & Staff Exhibition of Creativity