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Hege Library & Learning Technologies

IDEA Incubator

IDEA (Innovations, Dreams, Edifications, Aspirations) Incubator


Please join us for our first IDEA Session for 2018!


And come use the IDEA Incubator if you need a moment of calm or Impromptu creative moment! We are glad to help with both!

January 24, 2018


Let’s celebrate the potentially transformative #METOO / TIME’S UP moment in U.S. history by creating a special Women’s History Month Program for Guilford!

Please bring your program ideas to this collaborative planning meeting. If unable to attend, please email suggestions to WGSS coordinator 

Facilitator: Nancy Daukas

Past Sessions 2016-17

December 7, 2016

Utilizing "performance tasks" in your courses

Join members of the assessment committee for an overview of "performance tasks" A performance task is any learning activity or assessment that asks students to perform to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and proficiency. Unlike a selected-response item (e.g., multiple-choice or matching) that asks students to select from given alternatives, a performance task presents a situation that calls for learners to apply proficiency.

Facilitator: Chad Phillips

November 30, 2016

Student v Teacher Perspective on Digital Liberal Arts

You are invited! Instructors will discuss their experience with digital pedagogy, the positive/negative impact in their class and next steps.  Students will discuss how the integration of digital tools into their classes has impacted their engagement and content retention. Members of RES will attend the session to offer thoughts and to take comments on digital tools.

Facilitator: Tamika Davis

November 16, 2016

Moving humanities from books to board rooms: what good are the humanities (and for whom)? 

Please join me in exploring new ways the humanities can foster a deeper understanding for business, science, and community foundations, at a time when the humanities are seen in crisis. We'll discuss whether poetry and imagery can aid these institutions in expressing their mission. The session promises to be fun, interactive, and entertaining.

Facilitator: Tim Kircher

November 9, 2016

What is XD?

User experience/User Experience Design/Experience Design are all names used to describe an emerging field that examines how humans interact with designed objects, environments or experiences. Experience Design at Guilford (XD) is fundamentally interdisciplinary, drawing from Art, Computing Technology and Information Systems (CTIS), Business, Psychology and Theatre Studies, and giving students a strong foundation to apply experience design knowledge and skills across physical, digital, and process design landscapes. Please join us at the IDEA Incubator on November 9 if you want to know more about the program, the existing minor, or the proposal for an XD major.

Facilitators: Kathryn Shields, Mark Dixon, Robin Vest, Richard Shilhavy, Michael Dutch, Margery Kiehn 


First IDEA Incubator Session of 2016-17

Are you Curious About Academic Technologies & Learning Space Design?

This first IDEA Incubator of the year will focus on a review of Hege Library’s new Strategic Plan for Learning Technologies.  The final draft of the plan ( will be reviewed, facilitated by Gene Spencer, advisor to this grant funded planning initiative. The plan is supportive not only of the Library’s vision as an academic commons, but broadly supportive of institutional academic technologies and learning space design. All are welcomed to attend!

Please come and join us for this important session Facilitated by Gene Spencer (Ursinus College)!


September 2, 2015

Title:  Envisioning a Major in Sustainable Food at Guilford

Description: Greensboro-High Point is number one in the food hardship.  A group of faculty and students worked together in the Summer Research Scholars Program (SRSP) to create curricular and co­-curricular programs associated with a possible sustainable food systems major that would prepare our students to help address this issue.  Please join us to learn more about our ideas and share your ideas with us.
Facilitators: Kyle Dell, Marlene McCauley, Gail Webster, Bronwyn Tucker

September 9, 2015

Title:  Examining Sense of Community at Guilford College

Description: Is having a sense of community at Guilford College important to you? A faculty-student team delved into a study of sense of community at Guilford College among students, staff, and faculty this summer through the Summer Research Scholars Program. We found lots of interesting results about Guilford members' connection to the college community, and we'd like to hear your thoughts on our research findings. Please join us on Sept 9th to collaboratively analyze some the data from this project with us!
Facilitators: Krista Craven and Julia Geaney-Moore

September 16, 2015

Title: Contemplative Computing at Guilford

Many people experience digital technologies as alienating, irresistibly distracting, but 'necessary' in their lives.  Let's discuss ways in which we can use those same technologies to *reduce* our sense of alienation, and to foster more attentiveness and focus.

Facilitators: Vance Ricks and Wilson Hamilton

September 23, 2015

Title: Canvas and Guilford College

Extended Incubator will focus first, from 1:30-2:30, on consideration of Canvas as an alternate to Moodle with a demo and discussion co-led by a Canvas rep and UNCG (recently migrated to Canvas) Teaching Innovations Fellow Wade Maki. Following, Christine Stracey (Biology) and Marc Williams (Theatre Studies) will describe their experience with Canvas, and Richard Schilhavy and Mimi Smith-Decoster will demonstrate course migration from Moodle to Canvas and draw comparisons. Open to all!

September 30, 2015

Title: CPPS ChangeMakers- Come and See What All the Excitement is About

Do you have an idea for making a positive difference in the world?  Come to the IDEA Incubator and see how you can become a ChangeMaker through the CPPS ChangeMaker Grants Program. This program is open to anyone in the community with substantial solutions that intersect Guilford's Core Values with solutions to real world problems. Previous projects shaped campus policies, started non-profits, and raised awareness of critical issues. More at:  

Facilitator: Mark Justad

October 7, 2015

Title: Charette for Community: How To Design a Living Space for a Refugee Family

Diya's "Human Flotsam" panel unleashed great campus energy and interest about making refugees welcome. So if we could design it, what would an ideal house or apartment look like for the typical family arriving in Greensboro? Refugees and students who've worked alongside refugee families will contribute using a charette, a community-based participatory activity, in order to imagine the space. We will also learn about culturally appropriate design applied to research, education and health.

Facilitator: Andrew Young

October 21, 2015

Title: Making Guilford More Accessible

Guilford has a very diverse learning population. How do we move forward, practically, to make the campus, curriculum and co-curriculum as accessible as possible to all community members? Let's discuss moving from theory to practice using guidelines from universal design, universal design for learning and other constructs.

Facilitator: Melissa Daniel Frink

October 28, 2015

IDEA Incubator Canceled- Please attend Black Lives Matter Discussion

November 4, 2015


Many Guilford faculty are inspired by and committed to interdisciplinary studies. This is a good thing, since offering IDS programs that are responsive to contemporary, ever-evolving social/cultural/environmental realities is vital to Guilford's mission (and future?). But structural challenges make it difficult to strengthen existing programs and initiate new ones. What can we do about that? Let's put our heads together to envision new possibilities. We will get the discussion started by sharing our ideas, and we invite you to bring yours.   

Facilitators: Philosophy Department Faculty

November 11, 2015

Title: Surviving Email 

Description: How do you manage your email?  Is it overwhelming?  Do you spend hours and hours trying to catch-up?  Then you aren't alone.  Join us in a discussion about this phenomenon as we explore methods of management, hear colleagues talk about tricks for coping, and search for solutions together in the IDEA Incubator on 11/11.....
Facilitator: Kami Rowan

November 18, 2015

Title: Collecting our Cornerstones for General Education Revision

Description: LAGER would like to engage YOU!  Come to the IDEA Incubator and join us as we collect the stones for building our next general education curriculum.  Where is your passion for general education?  Would you like to look at potential models from other institutions? How unique should our curriculum be? This conversation precedes the Forum on Generation Education Revision at 3:45.

Facilitators: LAGER Committee

November 25, 2015

No IDEA Incubator this week!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING to our Guilford Family!

December 2, 2015

Title: Teaching, Learning, and Research Collaboratory--We need your input!

Construction for the Teaching, Learning, and Research Collaboratory will begin December 15. The Collaboratory will include an experimental classroom and student collaboration space with a movable wall between them so the room can convert to a large presentation/workshop space. We need input from faculty and students about your ideas for needed technology and furnishings. Please join the discussion.
Facilitators: Kathy Adams, Suzanne Bartels & Melanie Lee-Brown

December 9, 2015

CANCELED Because of Sickness: Will Be Rescheduled In February

Title: Learn how to use Trello for fostering collaboration on campus

Trello is a free online visual project and content manager. Come learn what Trello is and how to use it and see examples of how it can be used in the classroom for creating collaborative workspaces, in your departments for managing projects, and across the campus for ideas, content and event sharing. Here is a blog post on some of what we'll be talking about:

Facilitator: Wess Daniels

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the IDEA Incubator Crew!

Happy Holidays from the IDEA Incubator Crew!  Thank you for your support of this new venue for communication, support and idea generation!  We look forward to working with you in Spring 2016!  Please start posting your ideas for sessions to IDEAInc@!

Have a Marvelous and Safe Holiday/Break!


January 27, 2016


NO IDEA Incubator this week- Please settle in to a FABULOUS Semester!


February 3, 2016

NO IDEA Incubator-

Please attend the All-College Meeting for Worship with Attention to Discernment- Jim Hood Opening Remarks

February 10, 2016

Rescheduled- Don't Miss It!

Different Location for this semester! Please go to the Glassed Conference Room on the Lower Level of Hege

Title: Learn how to use Trello for fostering collaboration on campus

Trello is a free online visual project and content manager. Come learn what Trello is and how to use it and see examples of how it can be used in the classroom for creating collaborative workspaces, in your departments for managing projects, and across the campus for ideas, content and event sharing. Here is a blog post on some of what we'll be talking about:

Facilitator: Wess Daniels

February 17, 2016

Engaging the PPS Model

Have you encountered something that you know needs to be changed? Finding it difficult? Change is hard--even when its welcome! Guilford's Principled Problem Solving Model was created for the purpose of examining and addressing complex problems with an ethical framework. Bring your issue, concern, problem--big or small--to the IDEA Incubator: PPS session to learn this model and discuss with others how you might begin your path toward positive change. 

Facilitators: Mark Justad and Jennie Knight

February 24, 2016

LAGER- IDEAS Moving Ahead- Next Steps!

You've heard the footprint, now we need to layout the rooms together! Come join us in the Gilmer Room during Faculty Lunch (11:30-2:30).  Find out the latest on where LAGER is on General Education Revision and give your input, thoughts, connections, blessings, or just nod your head!  

Facilitators: The LAGER Team- Kyle Dell, Lavon Williams, Damon Akins, Suzanne Bartels, Drew Hays, Stephanie Hargrave, Dale Koch, Jennie Knight, Caleb Anderson and Melanie Lee-Brown

March 2, 2016

NO IDEA Incubator-

Please attend the All-College Meeting for Worship with Attention to Discernment- Erin Dell Opening Remarks

March 9, 2016

Criminal Justice Master's Program- Carnegie Room, Hege Library

We need your help! This incubator session focuses on the proposed MS degree in Criminal Justice, a cohesive curriculum, which connects criminal justice theory and practice, and is guided by the core value of justice. The program will raise the level of criminal ‘justice’ in our community, prepare students for a career in public safety or admission to a doctoral program and contribute to the security and wellbeing of all communities. Join us for this important discussion!


Facilitator: Will Pizio

March 16, 2016

NO IDEA Incubator this week- Enjoy your SPRING BREAK! 

March 23, 2016

No IDEA Incubator this week!

March 30, 2016

Arts and Social Justice

I spent part of my study leave immersing myself in the arts and social justice, with the aim of bringing what I learned back to the Guilford curriculum in some way. I'd love to share what I learned and to hear your ideas for how we might infuse the arts and social justice into our courses, create new courses, and possibly a new interdisciplinary minor--or not! There also will be opportunities for innovation in the new general education requirements, whatever shape they take. Join me to brainstorm about these possibilities.

Facilitator: Sherry Giles

April 13, 2016

What is Canvas?

Learn more about Canvas (an alternative to Moodle) and its capabilities. Hear about the experiences of faculty and students who are currently piloting this LMS in their courses. We welcome your thoughts, questions, and concerns about Canvas, your reflections about what a LMS should provide, and your ideas about how to best support faculty and students if we migrate to Canvas from Moodle.

Facilitators: Kathy Adams & Suzanne Bartels


April 6, 2016

NO IDEA Incubator-

Please attend the All-College Meeting for Worship with Attention to Discernment- Arlene Cash Opening Remarks

April 20, 2016

XD (Experience Design): A Proposed Program- Gilmer Room

The XD working group invites the community to a discussion about the proposed Experience Design (XD) program. Consideration of a XD minor is on the  agenda for thefaculty meeting this Wednesday. The Incubator will allow time for questions and discussion and may help to address concerns before the faculty is asked to consider the minor. 

Facilitators: Kathryn Shields, Mark Dixon, Michael Dutch, Robin Vest, Richard Schilhavy, Kathy Adams

April 27, 2016

Critical & Creative Community Studio-  EXTENDED IDEA INCUBATOR 12:00-2:30

Help design “The Cube” (a maker space supporting: The Critical, Creative, Community Studio) on the lower level of the Library. During this extended Incubator session we will engage in a design charrette exercise led by Robin Vest to re-envision space on the lower level of the Library, including the Betty Place classroom, the ColLab across the hall, and the adjoining two spaces beyond that corridor - formerly the Curriculum Materials Center and the Student Lounge. The session will involve a hands-on group activity to generate ideas and drawings for the focus, appearance, and configuration of the space and the equipment/technology and furnishings that might be required for these re-envisioned spaces. Pizza will be served for this working lunch. Faculty, staff, and students are welcome!

Facilitators: Robin Vest and Suzanne Bartels