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IDEA Incubator

IDEA (Innovations, Dreams, Edifications, Aspirations) Incubator

Instructions for Proposing a Session

Do you have a session you would like to propose for the IDEA Incubator?

This is what you need to do:

1) Email

2) Supply a descriptive title for your session

3) Write a short 500 character description (suitable for the BUZZ)

4) Write the name(s) of the facilitator(s)

5) List of supplies that you need- i.e. projector, screen, paper 

6) Give dates for three (3) proposed Wednesdays that would work for your session

We will get back to you if we:

1) Have scheduled your session with the date it will take place

2) Need more information on your submission

Do you have any additional questions?  

Email Kathy Adams- or Melanie Lee-Brown-