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  • Interpret text or suggest connections for you.
  • Provide a thesis, rearrange paragraphs, or otherwise do the work of interpretation or revision.


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  • Struggling with that writing assignment on the propulsion parameters of penguin poop? Working on an epic graphic novel based on your personal experience as a scuba diving pizza delivery man for an underwater hotel off the coast of Florida? (Look it up, it's REAL!) Bring your compositions, in all its stages, to our WRITE-IN MARATHON! In the Guided Discovery area of Hege Library. 

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13 Questions for the Next Economy

Susan Briante

On the side of the road, white cardboard in the shape of a man,
             illegible script. A signpost with scrawl: Will pay cash for                                diabetes strips.

A system under the system with its black box.                        Disability           hearing?
a billboard reads. Trouble with Social Security? Where does the riot           begin?

Spark of dry grass, Russian thistle in flames, or butterflies bobbing
as if pulled by unseen strings                      through the alleyway.
My mother’s riot would have been peace. A bicycle wheel
              chained to a concrete planter. What metaphor

              can I use to describe the children sleeping in cages in detention
centers? Birds pushed fenceward by a breeze? A train of brake lights

extending? Mesquite pods mill under our feet
on a rainless sidewalk. What revolution            will my daughter feed?

A break-the-state twig-quick snap or a long divining                   as if
for water? A cotton silence? A death?                    Who will read this

in the next economy, the one that comes after the one that kills us?
What lessons will we take from the side of the road? A wooden crucifix,

a white bicycle, a pinwheel, a poem
waiting to be redacted:                        Which would you cross out?



from Poets.org