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Hege Library & Learning Technologies

IDEA Incubator

IDEA (Innovations, Dreams, Edifications, Aspirations) Incubator

The IDEA Incubator

"IDEA Incubator" (Innovations, Dreams, Edifications, Aspirations). One hour on scheduled Wednesdays (1:30-2:30pm) will be dedicated for faculty, staff, and/or students to gather to brainstorm and discuss ideas based on a prescheduled topic or a call for help on a problem/project or for proposal building. This initiative was envisioned to provide dedicated time and a safe place for IDEAs to develop, community discussions to take place, and for folks to find and connect with each other and build collaborations!

Location for the IDEA Incubator gatherings is the second floor of Hege Library in the proposed space for a new Teaching, Learning, and Research Collaboratory (directly above the Greenleaf @ Hege Café), adjoining the newly established offices for the Directors of Faculty Development and Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors. The Community Calendar will list the topics for each week. Anyone interested in proposing a topic should send information about their topic, facilitator, and requested date(s) to Grab a cup of coffee or tea from the Greenleaf @ Hege Café on your way to the Collaboratory and join the discussions that speak to your interests and concerns.