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Guilford College Art Gallery: About

About the Gallery

                                   Mission Statement

The mission of the Guilford College Art Gallery is to support the academic endeavors of Guilford College by enhancing creativity, critical thinking, and visual literacy, promoting awareness of diverse cultures, fostering interdisciplinary studies, and cultivating social justice through exhibitions, educational programming, and the stewardship of the College’s permanent collection of fine art, for the benefit of the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the College community, those in the greater Greensboro area, and for the museum and scholarly community globally.

The specific aims of the Gallery are to:

a) Encourage an understanding and exploration of the visual arts through exhibitions and educational programming,

b) Manage, present, interpret, and preserve the permanent collection,

c) Enhance the collection through guidelines established in the Collections Policy,

d) Promote widespread recognition of the Gallery, its collection and Guilford College, and

e) Provide a welcoming and service-oriented atmosphere to encourage diverse participation.

The Guilford College Board of Trustees established the Guilford College Art Gallery in 1990 as a permanent entity integral to the scholarly, cultural, and educational mission of Guilford College.  The Gallery’s purpose is to enrich the educational and cultural environment of the campus and greater Greensboro area through exhibitions and programming, and to preserve the College’s permanent collection of art.  The location of the gallery in the College’s library emphasizes its academic function, as the art collections are deemed as vital to the support of the academic program as its literary materials.  The Gallery is intended to be a focal point for discourse, dialogue, enjoyment, and reflection.  Encouraging visual literacy, aesthetic appreciation, and cultural enrichment in the Guilford College community is a fundamental goal of the Gallery. 

History of the Permanent Collection                                                                   

‚ÄčThe Permanent Collection is a collection of works of art, which the Gallery acquires, preserves, exhibits, and makes available to the scholarly community and the public.  The College has been acquiring important works of art since 1973, before the Gallery was established. 

In response to the significant contributions of art in 1986, from Rachel and Allen Weller, and from Ruth and Ira Julian, the Board of Trustees established the Guilford College Art Gallery and charged it with the care and preservation of the collection.  Furthermore, the Board authorized the expansion of the Hege Library to include more than 5,000 square feet of professionally-designed galleries and storerooms to display and house the Permanent Collection.  In 2005, Dr. A. Kelly Maness Jr. expanded the holdings further with the contribution of a noteworthy collection of African sculpture.

Spanning more than 4000 years and six continents, the permanent collection as of 2015 includes more than 1500 original works of art by more than 600 artists. An index of objects in the collection is found here.