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For Faculty: Service Continuity

Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) Continuation of Services

The ARC will continue to provide services for students with disabilities, including:

  • New or updated accommodation plans - students may continue to submit documentation by fax or email for review. The Assistant Director will conduct an intake to assess for new or changing accommodation needs. 

  • Temporary accommodations - students who are already registered with the office may need additional support or accommodations in a distance learning environment. The ARC will also continue to provide temporary or provisional accommodations for students who are not yet registered (or are experiencing a temporary disability).

  • The Accommodation Committee will continue to review  petitions for housing accommodations. 

  • Curriculum-based Accommodation (MLS/QLW) - petitions will continue to be reviewed and updates will be sent to faculty advisors, Guilford Guide, and the Registrar’s office.

  • Faculty technical support -  (digital classroom accessibility, testing time extensions, UDL). Check out resources for faculty below.

  • Alternative meeting options - (Zoom, email, chat, Google Hangouts, phone, etc.). These meeting options are replacing regular check-in and drop-in sessions. Advise students to contact 

  • Referrals to community and campus resources

  • Testing Center - this is the biggest change in support from the ARC. The testing center is no longer operational. Faculty are now responsible for 

  • Correspondence - voicemail and email accounts will be checked daily. There will be some delay for non-urgent inquiries.

ARC is encouraging students and faculty to talk about accommodations early and often. Accommodations will function differently in online settings, especially testing and alternative format texts. Students 

Resources for Faculty

  • Make sure you are aware of your students' accommodations, and how to facilitate them. Look back at the accommodation letters you received from Remind your students to check in with you about their accommodations and to ask questions if they have them. Check out the Canvas Accessibility Checklist for information on making sure you are giving your students accessible materials, as well as for instructions on extending testing time. It is also crucial that your students' extended testing time is only visible to you and them within the Canvas platform. Additional faculty resources are on the ARC website HERE, including our ACCOMMODATIONS page, which is being updated to reflect changes in how accommodations are being used in Distance Learning settings.

  • Be patient -  many students with accommodations may need additional flexibility and support to navigate Distance Learning and new expectations. Especially when it comes to using the Canvas or other LMS platforms full-time. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for questions,

Kristie Wyatt, Assistant Director of the Accessibility Resource Center (if possible, email is best)