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Internships Information

Apply now for your Spring 2021 Internship!  

What do I need to do to Register for Spring 21 or Summer 21?

You will coordinate with your faculty advisor or Academic Guide to determine how an internship can count for credit for you. After you have secured an internship position, you can fill out the Spring 21 Registration Form or the Summer 21 Registration Form (not yet available).

When are the registration deadlines for Spring 21?

4 Credits-Jan 26
3 Credits- Feb 7
1-2 Credits-March 12

How many direct hours do I need to complete for each credit?

4 Credits- 144 Hours
3 Credits- 108 Hours
2 Credits- 72 Hours
1 Credit- 36 Hours

Can I receive credit for my internship AND be paid?
YES! Please just indicate you are being paid when you fill out the registration application. 

How can my faculty advisor, faculty sponsor, department chair, and/or site supervisor submit their approval to you?
They can provide a physical signature on this form, or you can have them email stating their approval of your internship and intentions of supporting you throughout your internship experience. 

Where can I find the liability form and/or non-paid agreement?

Please visit this link. Both sheets are linked below "Required Materials" 

If I don’t already have an internship secured, where do I go to search for internships (virtual and/or in-person)?

Check out these sites...

Parker Dewey
Intern Abroad HQ 

How do I make an appointment with a Career Guide?

Visit Navigate to schedule an appointment with a Career Guide.

Questions or concerns?  Email us at