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Learning Space Design

Suggested Subject Terminology

Searching for resources related to learning space design specfic to the higher education environment can be challenging, as controlled subject vocabulary is inconsistently applied.  However, the following subjects emerge with some consistency:

Campus planning.

Classroom environment.

College campuses.

College buildings -- Design and construction.

College environment.

Space (Architecture)

Universities and colleges -- Environmental aspects.

Project Oasis at the University of Illinois at Chicago

At the University of  Illinois at Chicago, the Office of Campus Learning Environments exists, "Because learning doesn't stop at the classroom door."   The Project Oasis initiative was launched to ensure that students are able to take advantage of a variety of informal learning spaces created across the campus to interact, study, and gather in groups outside of the classroom.  The Project has transformed UIC's learning environment, where formerly underutilized spaces became "Oases" for learning.  The University now is recognized as a model for innnovation in the design of informal academic learning spaces.

The Journal of Learning Spaces

The Journal of Learning Spaces is published by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, as a biennial, open-access and peer-reviewed publication, which "provides a scholarly, multidisciplinary forum for research articles, case studies, book reviews, and position pieces related to all aspects of learning space design, operation, pedagogy, and assessment in higher education.”

Savvy Furnishing Suppliers

Two of the more savvy suppliers of learning space furnishings, Steelcase and Herman Miller, recognize the central role that furnishings play in supporting 21st century teaching and learning.  Such suppliers are emerging as vital and proactive partners for campus space design. Both Herman Miller  and Steelcase are closely aligned with the Learning Spaces Collaboratory. Each company publishes on the subject of learning space design through their web sites.  

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