Hege Library & Learning Technologies

For Faculty: Instructional Continuity

This guide gives instructors a rundown of strategies that can help ensure instructional continuity during situations that might interrupt instruction such as severe weather events, campus closures, and the like.

Food for Thought

Check out these articles by Jesse Stommel: Online Learning: a Manifesto and How to Build an Ethical Online Course.

Check out this collaborative, crowd-sourced Google Doc, Crowdsourcing: Teaching Online with Care.

From Instructure: Resources to Help With Running Courses Online

The folks at Instructure (the maker of Canvas) have pulled together a list of resources to help with running courses online - check it out to see what articles and information you might find helpful.

Online Modules & Tutorials

Hoonuit (Available Through Guilford!)

There are many modules on online teaching & learning available to instructors through Hoonuit. You can log in at https://www.atomiclearning.com/highed/login/guilford with your Guilford username and network password. Here are some links to modules you might find useful:

LX Pathways

iDesign is offering free course access to its LX Pathways offerings, including its Online Instructor pathway, through September, at least.

MOOCs and Online Courses for Preparing to Teach Online