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ENGL 102: College Reading and Writing (Dressler)

Choosing a Topic

Your Librarian

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Starting Your Research

For this course, you will complete a research paper - "Translating a Cultural Artifact."  The purpose of this guide is to walk you through the stages of the research cycle.  If you use the recommendations provided, you will likely have a much easier time completing the assignment!  

The first step is to choose your topic.  You've been asked to complete a research plan where you will provide two ideas and write details about each.  Be sure to take your time when selecting your topics and doing preliminary research.  

You'll be coming to the library for a research session, where you'll learn more about finding sources and evaluating them to make sure that they're appropriate for your paper.

The Research Cycle

The research cycle is an iterative process, not a linear one. As you move from one step to another, you may go back to a previous step. For example, as you are searching, you may reconfigure your topic. As you analyze your sources, you may come up with more keywords for further searching. Don't be afraid to go back and refine your work - your research will be all the better for it.