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Hege Library & Learning Technologies

Hours & Policies

Library policies and procedures relating to collections and services.

Food and Drink Policy

Food and drinks are now permitted in the library, except in the Quaker Archives. While in the library, special care should be taken to preserve the collection, the electronic equipment, and the library itself (flooring, tables, etc.). This policy is adopted on a contingency basis, and will continue thereafter so long as the library remains clean and attractive. Problems such as damage from spills, excessive loose trash, emergence of pests, etc. will force reconsideration. Library users are implored to use good judgment to ensure that nothing is harmed by food particles or drink spills. “Good judgment” includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cleaning up after yourself and others (crumbs, food wrappings, minor spills)
  • Using cleaning supplies found in Room 109 of the library (Faculty Lounge)
  • Reporting major spills to a librarian
  • Making sure that no crumbs or spills fall onto books, computers, etc.
  • Washing your hands after eating greasy foods
  • Eating large, messy, and/or aromatic (smelly) meals only in the student lounge