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Laptop Kiosk

The Library is happy to introduce a self dispensing laptop kiosk!  The kiosk adds 6 additional Dell laptops to the library's inventory. Kiosk laptops are available for current students, faculty, and staff for a 3 hour checkout within in the library. Please note that renewals are not available on any kiosk laptops. If your laptop isn't returned on time, you'll incur overdue fines of $5 per hour. If your laptop is returned damaged, you will be billed for repair and/or replacement. No exceptions will be made. 

To use:

  • Click on checkout
  • Accept the terms and conditions ($5 per hour overdue fee applies)
  • Swipe your Quaker Card and be on your way.
  • To return, simply push the laptop into any open slot (does not have to match up with the one you checked it out from), click it into place and you'll see your return receipt display. Please note: laptops must be returned to the kiosk and will not be accepted at the Information Desk. 
  • If you experience any issues with the laptop, please return it to the kiosk and select the applicable option for error reporting.  Per the terms and conditions, issues must be reported within 10 minutes of the checkout period.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I renew a laptop from the kiosk?  No. At this time kiosk laptops are not eligible for renewal. The library does have other laptops available for checkout at the information desk if a longer loan period is needed.

What is expected battery life? 2-3 Hours.

What happens if I lose or damage the laptop?

You are responsible for loss or damage. Please see Library’s Terms and Conditions and for more information.

What do I do if the laptop is not functioning properly?

Please return the laptop to the kiosk and select the applicable option for error reporting.  Per the terms and conditions, issues must be reported within 10 minutes of the checkout period.

Are laptops for use in the library only? Yes. If you are needing to borrow a laptop away from the library, please inquire about the 3 day loaner laptops at the Information Desk.

I just tried to checkout a laptop and the kiosk said it could not dispense a laptop. What should  I do? Please report this issue to the  Information Desk.  If you have recently gotten a new Quaker Card we may need to update your library number.

The kiosk says it’s currently closed. Can I still return my laptop? Yes. The kiosk accepts returns even when closed.

Do I need to return my laptop to the same slot that I received it from? No, any available slot will work fine.

What operating system comes with your standard laptop/netbook computer? Windows 7

What other software do you include?

MS Office 2007, Adobe Acrobat Pro, IE8, Firefox, Chrome

Is there a charge to borrow a laptop from the kiosk?

There is no cost to checkout a laptop, however the Library’s standard $5 per hour overdue charges will apply if the item is returned after the 3 hour period. 

Additional questions?

 Please contact us or 336-316-2450