Welcome to The Learning Commons: Making an Appointment?

The Learning Commons welcomes all learners, teaching them to be more effective and engaged scholars.
  • To make an appointment with a professional writing tutor, you must first register with our appointment system.
  • Follow the instructions below for registering, logging in, and scheduling your own appointments or go to guilford.mywconline.com 
  • For all other tutorial services, please refer to our Tutoring Schedules.

*NOTE: Individual appointments with professional writing tutors are limited to two appointments per week; individual meetings with tutors through the Student Tutoring Service are limited to once a week; use of Drop-in tutoring is unlimited (you can come as often as you like).*

The Student Tutoring Service provides individual tutoring in many courses offered at Guilford. These peer tutors are recommended by their professors. Because successful tutoring requires both knowledge of the subject matter and knowledge of tutoring, tutors also attend training sessions addressing fundamental tutoring philosophies and strategies. Peer tutors support concept understanding & provide learning strategies; they are not available for one-time/last minute homework or test prep.

By accessing the student tutor list, you agree

  • To meet weekly with the available tutor. 
  • To establish a meeting schedule with only one tutor per course.
  • To email learningcommons@guilford.edu, or call 316-2253, if a tutor is not available for your course or if none of the listed tutors work out for you.
  • To the Policies and Procedures of the STS program.
  • To report any issues with your tutor to the director, mdaniel@guilford.edu.

*NOTE: The LC will work to find tutors qualified to assist in requested courses; however, the tutor pool changes from semester to semester, and tutors may not be available for some courses, especially those at the 300 level or higher.*

For additional assistance, contact the Learning Commons, 336-316-2253 or learningcommons@guilford.edu.

In the Student Tutoring Service (STS), Guilford students and alums who excel in classes and are recommended by faculty, work with their peers to share strategies for academic success in specific courses. Tutors work with their fellow students to unpack issues that are impeding progress in the course.  They coach the students to understand their learning style and course concepts, to try new strategies for learning and to think about their thinking, applying metacognition.

Tutors learn the pedagogy of tutoring through the LC’s tutor training program, which is certified through the College Reading and Learning Association. Tutors are paid for 10 training hours, and when training is complete, they are awarded certification and a pay raise.

In addition to certification, tutors also benefit from the ability to set their own schedules and fill an important leadership role in the academic lives of their peers.

Please note that the number of tutoring hours depends upon demand per course. Some tutors receive more requests for assistance than they can fill, while others may receive very few requests. If you have high demand, you may pair or group students dependent upon their comfort level working with others. You are encouraged to let your professors know that you are a tutor and that you welcome referrals.

  1. Be on time, if not early. If you are unable to attend, cancel your session using the online application or call the LC front desk. 
  2. Bring assignment; they can be at any stage. We can even help you generate ideas if you have no idea where to start!
  3. Remember: we are not an editing service. Tutors will not "fix" your assignment but rather work with you through open dialogue to find effective writing strategies and approaches to reading and writing that are helpful for you. 
  4. For time management, bring course syllabi or assignment guidelines.
  5. Remember: a tutor’s suggestions are just that. You are not receiving a grade from us; you get as much out of our sessions as you want to put in.
  6. Give us feedback--we want the LC to serve you well!
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