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Guide to information, resources, and support services with links to commons partners.

Virtual Academic Interactions

Since you can't meet in person, faculty will be using different forms of virtual replacement. Look for instructions from your instructor for which options are being used for your class.

Basics of Zoom for Students

Students do not need to sign up for a Guilford College Zoom Pro account to join class meetings unless instructed to do so by a professor. Students who would like to enable their Guilford College Zoom Pro account can do so by following the account set-up instructions on the library's guide to Zoom. Other information about setting up and running Zoom meetings is included there as well.

There are several different ways you can join a Zoom meeting (with or without being logged into a Zoom Pro account):

If you use a mobile device app or a computer application, make sure to keep Zoom up-to-date.

Here are some pages from the Zoom support guides - all include step-by-step walkthroughs and tips for different devices, and some include video as well:

Other Tools for Virtual Communication

Your instructors may also use the following tools, though they are used less commonly at Guilford College. (Canvas Conferences is no longer recommended for video conferencing due to bandwidth issues on the tool's end.)

Tools for Digital Discussions, Feedback Sessions, Critiques...

You can use these tools for asynchronous discussions and feedbacks sessions, to replace face-to-face versions of these activities.