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Hege Library & Learning Technologies

For Students: Guide to Learning, Advising, and Academic Resources

Instructional continuity guide for students to assist in learning during COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

Reach Out to Us for Online Assistance!

Staff at Hege Library are committed to assisting you with any difficulties you may experience as the Guilford College community transitions to an online teaching and learning environment due to COVID-19. Don't hesitate to reach out if we can help you in any way.


Remote research consultations will no longer be available effective Monday, 6 April 2020, and until further notice. For additional research support, please consult Hege Library's research guides page, where you will find guides designed for specific subjects and courses, along with other valuable resources. You can also access our Student Support page, where among other things you will find links to research tutorials, citation guides, and the "How Do I..." Guide, which provides guidance on a wide array of aspects related to conducting research and accessing library resources.


If you need help with Canvas, a digital project, or any other instructional technology, you can make an appointment with Tierney Steelberg by going to her appointment calendar and selecting an appointment slot. You can also contact Tierney at

Other Library-Related Questions

If you have other questions or needs related to services provided by the library, you can write to

A Very Quick Guide to Google Hangouts

It is very probable that in the next few weeks, you will participate in some class meetings through videoconferencing. One of the more popular platforms for videoconferencing is Google Hangouts. If you are not too familiar with Google Hangouts, you can use this guide to get a quick idea of its main features. Access the guide by going to

Tips to Succeed in your Online Class!