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Conference of Quaker Historians and Archivists (CQHA): 2021 Program

Call for papers, program and registration information, and guidelines for presenters for the upcoming Conference of Quaker Historians and Archivists.

2021 Program


Virtual CQHA 2021 Draft Program

Conference of Quaker Historians and Archivists

June 24-26, 2021

(Working program updated as of June 5, 2021. Please check back for revisions and complete schedule.)


CQHA Core sessions meet 11:00 am (find my time) through approximately 4:00 pm EDT (find my time) each day.

CQHA Cafe gatherings are add-ons held before, between, or after core sessions. These are informal opportunities for conversation, sometimes around specific themes, hosted by members of the CQHA conference committee.

Day 1 | Thursday, June 24


11:00 am | find my time



11:10 am - 12:10 pm | find my time

Special Session 1: Introducing Quaker Historiography

  • Chairs: Ben Pink Dandelion and Stephen Angell
  • Panelists: Oscar Lugusa Malande, Erica Canela, David Harrington Watt, David Hanson

    This session offers an overview of three dominant strands in Quaker historiography, as well as identifying major gaps in scholarship and showcasing new research that disrupts received wisdom or expands its boundaries. While the session will serve as an introduction for first-time CQHA attenders, it will also provide new insights for those with a deeper background in Quaker studies.




12:30 pm - 1:40 pm | find my time

Paper Session 1.1: Women in Professional Roles

  • Chair: Tanya Maus
  • James Truitt, "Graceanna Lewis: Naturalist and Radical" (lightning talk)
  • Gwen Gosney Erickson, "No Ordinary Daughter: Clara I. Cox’s Many Ministries"
  • Marlene Mayo, "Trans-Pacific Friends: Tomiyama Toki, Esther B. Rhoads, and the Friends Girls School, Tokyo, 1920s-1950s"
  • Jayne R. Beilke, Aaron Charles Bruewer and Gilbert Park, "Indiana Quaker Women Teaching the Freedpeople during Reconstruction"


Break -or- CQHA Cafe: Open Discussion
1:40 - 2:10 pm | find my time


2:10 pm - 3:00 pm | find my time

Paper Session 1.2: Building the Archive

  • Chair: Mary Crauderueff
  • Celia Caust-Ellenbogen, "In Her Own Right: Documenting Women’s Activism in the Century Before Suffrage" (lightning talk)
  • Tanya Maus, "Archives as Sites of Knowledge Production for Peace: The Peace Resource Center at Wilmington College"
  • Beth McGowan, "Amy Winslow, The American Friends Service Committee, and a Philosophy of Librarianship"




3:15 pm - 4:05 pm | find my time

Paper Session 1.3: Interdisciplinary Approaches

  • Chair: Julie Holcomb
  • Laura Rediehs, "Quaker Epistemology" (lightning talk)
  • Isabelle Cosgrave, "19th-century Quaker Attitudes to Writing Fiction: Differences Between the UK and the US"
  • Susan Garfinkel, "Stratigraphies of Meaning: Excavating ‘W Penn’s Treaty’ Plate"


CQHA Cafe: “Quaker Potent (and Not Potent) Potables,” hosted by Jordan Landes
4:15 pm - 4:45 pm | find my time


Day 2 | Friday June 25


CQHA Cafe: “Quaker Artifacts: Show and Tell,” hosted by Susan Garfinkel
10:20 - 10:50 am | find my time


11:00 am - 12:00 noon | find my time

Special Session 2: What US/UK Quaker Archives Are Collecting - And What We're Not

  • Moderator: Patricia O’Donnell
  • Panelists: Thomas Hamm, Jordan Landes, Celia Caust-Ellenbogen, Mary Crauderueff, Libby Adams, Lisa McQuillan, Gwen Gosney Erickson, Jenny Freed, Aaron Rubinstein

    This session combines brief updates on acquisitions and activities from major Quaker archives, followed by a discussion among panelists and the audience about ethics- and mission-based questions for Quaker repositories going forward.




12:15 pm - 12:55 pm | find my time

Paper Session 2.1: Governance

  • Chair: Thomas Hamm
  • Sydney Harker, "Following Discipline?: Policing Practices in Upper Canadian Quaker Communities, 1810-1828"
  • Greg Hinshaw, "Peace, Prohibition, and Public Morals: The Changing Legislative and Social Concerns of Five Years Friends, 1902-2002"


Break -or- CQHA Cafe: Open Discussion
1:00 pm - 1:30 pm | find my time


1:30 pm - 2:30 pm | find my time

Paper Session 2.2: Quaker Influence Outside the Society of Friends

  • Chair: Elizabeth Cazden
  • Calvin Dark, "Trusty Friends and Neighbors of Confidence: The Broad Influence of Quakerism on Friends of Friends’ Struggle to End Slavery"
  • Katherine Freedman, "Quakers, Congregationalists, and the Origins of Antislavery in Eighteenth Century in Rhode Island"
  • Vivien E. Sandlund, "’For the Oppressed’: The Antislavery Efforts of Quaker Benjamin Lundy"




2:45 pm - 3:30 pm | find my time

CQHA Business Meeting

  • Convener: Robynne Rogers Healey

    All conference participants are invited to attend the CQHA business meeting. Significant business includes appointing our Steering Committee and planning our 2022 conference. This is also an important opportunity for questions, and for discussion of additional CQHA initiatives.




3:45 pm - 4:30 pm | find my time

“Drinks” and Trivia

  • Please join us for an interactive social opportunity, including Quaker trivia!

Day 3 | Saturday June 26


CQHA Cafe: “Quakers Encountering Conflict,” hosted by Erica Canela and Richard Allen
10:20 - 10:50 am | find my time


11:00 am - 12:30 pm | find my time

Special Session 3: Visions for Quaker Historiography

  • Moderators: Oscar Lugusa Malande and Robynne Rogers Healey
  • Panelists: Oscar Lugusa Malande, Robert Wafula, Gwen Gosney Erickson, Sydney Harker, Jon Kershner

    This participatory session will track trends in memory-making, archive-building, and historical analysis, while exploring challenges and opportunities for the future of scholarship on global Quakerism around three themes:  Disrupting Memory, Disrupting Archives, and Disrupting Power.




12:50 pm - 1:40 pm | find my time

Paper Session 3.1:  Representation

  • Chair: Isaac May
  • Billystrom Jivetti, "Quakerism From the Eyes of a Kenyan In America" (lightning talk)
  • Mary Crauderueff, "Representation Within the Archives: Beginning a New Quaker Archives in Africa"
  • Mikaela Prescott, "A Localized History of Quakers and Indigenous Relations: With Special Consideration of Indigenous Perspectives"


Break -or- CQHA Cafe: Open Discussion
1:40 pm - 2:10 pm | find my time


2:15 pm - 3:15 pm | find my time

Paper Session 3.2: Rethinking the 18th Century

  • Chair: Richard Allen
  • Ian Cook, "An Occupational Analysis of Quakers in England in the Eighteenth Century."
  • Jeffrey D. Kovach, "Marital Regulations of the New England Yearly Meeting in the 17th and 18th Centuries"
  • Katy Telling, "Southbound: Sophia Wiginton Hume and Quaker Constructions of White Southern Womanhood"




3:30 pm - 4:10 pm | find my time

Paper Session 3.3: New Approaches

  • Chair: Stephen Angell
  • Jim Fussell, "The Transformation of Quaker Testimony since 1900"
  • Isaac May, "Towards a Quaker View of Same-Sex Marriage: Liberal Friends and Marriage Debates before Obergefell v. Hodge"


CQHA Cafe: “Closing Discussion,” hosted by members of the CQHA Steering Committee
4:20 pm - 5:00 pm | find my time