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The current OER landscape has been described as a “wild west,” and even the definition of Open Educational Resources is contested.  Librarians have been at the forefront of this movement that is widely considered to be rooted in social justice.  Publishers of educational content have adopted the term OER, while there is a fine line to tread in discerning librarians’ perspectives on OER as free and open, and publishers’ marketing of solutions that still are reflective of a for-profit agenda.

Articles informing understanding of OER


Why OERs?

"Using Open Educational Resources (OER) can help you get your course up and running faster, using quality content from respected colleagues and institutions while reducing or eliminating textbook costs for your students." -Carolina Open Educational Resources page

Why this guide?

This guide is designed to help you find OER materials for your classes; it can also help you develop and share OER materials. An important part of this process is protecting your intellectual property and learning more about the OER movement as a whole.

What are OERs?

"OERs are teaching or learning materials that are free of charge and available to be reused, adapted, or distributed. Their use is allowed by the creator’s permissions, their copyright, or an attached license." -Carolina Open Educational Resources page

The Rising Cost of Textbooks and Tuition/Fees