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What about MOOCs?

MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses, have been a popular trend in higher education since 2006. Most MOOCs are run by richly resourced and reputable colleges and universities and provide quality course experience to students for no cost. If students want to earn certificates of completion or digital badges, fees may be applied - but systems such as Coursera are quite clear about what's free and what isn't. We highly recommend MOOC participation!

Does Guilford have a Digital Repository?

Yes! We have access to Shared Shelf Commons. You can find instructions on using this resource under the "Share" tab of this page - or by clicking here.

Can I use materials from other Digital Repositories in my OERs?

Yes! Programs like the Carolina Digital Repository (CDR) and the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR) allow others to use the materials in their collections. The only thing you cannot do is deposit materials in their collections without being affiliated with those institutions. As long as you attribute, feel free to use these excellent collections!