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REL 110: Quakerism

Suggested resources and tips for students enrolled in an introductory Quakerism course.

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Gwen Erickson
archives@guilford.edu (for Quaker Studies and Guilford Archives questions)

research@guilford.edu (for research consultation requests)

2020 Update: Accessing the Quaker Archives

  • Need to use a book or file described in this guide? Email archives@guilford.edu.
  • Many books are still available to check out. Let us know you want it and it will be checked out for you and made available for pick up.
  • Items that don't leave the library can be consulted in our research room by appointment. Guilford students can schedule a time to research and study in the Quaker Archives on weekday afternoons. Appointment only due to space limits. Book a Quaker Archives study session.
  • Research consultations available via Zoom by appointment.


Finding Resources

The Quaker Archives comprehensively collects publications by and about Quakers (Friends) worldwide. Most books are included in the Library Catalog and you may also find articles about Quakers through the catalog. Note that many Quaker periodicals are not included in the Library Catalog so you will want to use multiple search strategies. Use this guide to find a variety of sources online through our library's subscriptions and partnerships with other institutions.

Recommended Readings/Resources

Library Catalog

Subject Terms

There are several terms which are used to describe Quakers:

  • Quakers
  • Friends
  • Society of Friends

All can be used with keyword searches but "Society of Friends" is the official subject term.  Sometimes different books will be listed on your topic depending upon which term(s) you select. Try several different searches to maximize results.

Extra Tip

In addition to information in books and periodicals, the Quaker Archives also maintains extensive files on particular topics relating to Quakerism. There may also be a manuscript collection or other "hidden" resource useful to your research topic.  Contact us at archives@guilford.edu once you have done your initial research to see if there are additional materials relating to your topic.