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Academic Commons Visioning Sessions: Teaming for Success 23 Feb 2018 SOAR Analysis

This session focused on consideration of incorporating the new integrated career advising program in the Commons; focusing on physical location and collaborative leadership potential within the Commons among integrated career advising, tutoring and writing, and accessiblity services. 

Academic Commons Visioning Session: Rallying Campus Spirit 14 March 2018 SOAR Analysis

This session focused on re-renvisioning the Carnegie Room and President's Wing. 

Academic Commons Visioning: Ethical Leadership 16 March 2018 SOAR Analysis

This session focused on consideration of the collaborative leadership of Faculty Development and Research and Creative Endeavors to broadly support pedagogy and scholarship within and beyond the Commons.

Academic Commons Visioning: Learning Collaboratively 13 April 2018 SOAR Analysis

This session focused on the potential of the collaborative leadership of Library and Learning Technologies, Information Technology and Services (IT&S), tutoring and writing services, and the XD program to centralize professional and peer academic support on Hege's ground level, aligned with the establishment of its new makersuite, The Cube.

Academic Commons Visioning


Guilford Edge



Guilford College has designed a distinctive, cross-disciplinary, and highly collaborative experience that enables students to engage at a high level with real-world problems as they refine their personal and life goals and begin to pursue their post-college aspirations.

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Continuing the Conversation

Thank you to all who attended the Academic Commons Visioning IDEA Incubator sessions!  We hope you will take the opportunity to read and consider the SOAR analyses of the four sessions held that focused on each aspect of The Guilford Edge.  Whether or not you were able to attend one or more of the sessions, we invite you join us in continuing the conversation and to add your new or continuing thoughts on the further development of Hege as the College’s Academic Commons.  You may access our online forum at

Appreciative Inquiry and SOAR: A Model for Strategic Planning

As with all Hege Library strategic planning initiatives over the last several years, we based this latest visioning process on an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) approach, aligned with SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results), a strengths-based analysis model.  SOAR is an alternate approach to the traditional SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) method. SOAR is particularly compatible with a Design Thinking approach, which will take on an increasingly vital role in furthering creativity, innovation, and collaboration at Guilford within the context of The Guilford Edge.  Learn more from the following:

Library & Learning Technologies Strategic Plan 2014-2017

Learning Technologies Plan 2016-2021