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Quaker Archives Fellowships and Awards

Information for researchers seeking funding and awards relating to topics relating to resources in Guilford College's Quaker Archives.

Seth and Mary Edith Hinshaw Fellowship

The Seth and Mary Edith Hinshaw Fellowship provides up to $2,000 for research using the resources of the Quaker Archives at Guilford College to study an aspect of southern Quaker history. The fellowship is sponsored by the North Carolina Friends Historical Society to encourage research and use of the Quaker Archives. The funds most commonly support travel, room, and board expenses which are reimbursed upon the completion of the scheduled visit. The recipient may be asked to present his/her research and findings at the Society’s annual meeting. 

We invite applications from a range of backgrounds: dissertation, post-doctoral, and non-academic. We anticipate that the most competitive applications will involve innovative projects of the many concerns to which Friends have turned their attention, including literature, women's issues, family history, and race relations, as well as religious doctrine and controversies. Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

*Demonstrated understanding of the applicability of our particular holdings to the anticipated project.

*Probability that the project will result in a product that will advance the worlds' understanding of the multiple dimensions of religion. 

*Evidence of the applicant's prior familiarity with the effective use of similar collections.

Application Instructions

Submissions to be sent as email to with subject line "Hinshaw Fellowship." Applicants should send the following materials as PDF attachments to

• a three-to-five page statement of research goals, including what progress has been made to date; a statement of how this project will further greater understanding and/or scholarship by placing Southern Quaker history in the context of your subject area, an assessment of how Guilford's materials can further its progress, an estimate of when the project is expected to be completed, and a paragraph detailing how funds provided by this fellowship will be used to further these goals.

• a current vita or resume

• if applicant's background does not include published work, include a writing sample

• the names and addresses of three references who are familiar with both the field in which the applicant proposes to work, and with the applicant's work. Please inform your references that they could be contacted.

• permanent and any temporary addresses (e-mail and postal) and phone numbers