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Guilford's Integration

A source for gathering and sharing information created during 2012-2013 for the Journeys in Blackness, Commemorating 50 Years of Integration events, and continuing documentation through the ongoing work of the Black Alumni of Guilford College and resource

Kenyan students, 1962-1965

Black student enrollment and statistics, 1970-1991, 1999-2010

Guilford's Black Students, 1970-1979  This is a list of names of students enrolled for the years 1970-1979. It is not a listing by class year, and there is no indication of whether the student graduated. From Papers of the Academic Deans, Sam Schuman, Box 2, Folder 1, GC-04, Quaker Archives.

Degrees Awarded by Race, Sex, 1976-1991  This is a list of numbers of degrees awarded by race and sex. It does not list names. Produced by the Registrar's Office, July 31, 1991. Housed in the Quaker Archives.

Student Data by Race, 1999-2010  These tables give statistics by race for traditional students and for CCE (adult) students