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Art Gallery Exhibitions

Featuring information on any current exhibition and providing information about past exhibitions hosted by the Guilford College Art Gallery.

Current Exhibitions

The art gallery exhibitions emphasize modern and contemporary art reflecting social and cultural issues congruent with the college's Quaker tradition and academic curriculum. The main gallery currently features works from the college's permanent art collection.

Past Exhibits: Highlights from 25 Years of Art at Guilford (1994-2020)

2016 - 2020

Rosie Thompson, Transformative Journey (detail, central panel)
Wood, Paint, Photo Applique, 48 x 96", 2019. From the exhibition,Twelve Places: Redux.

2010 - 2015

Winnie Tatya, detail of Fox Shaman Calling Birds, Baker Lake, 2007. From Inuit Art: Narratives from a Culture in Transition.


2000 - 2010

Todd Drake, detail of Meditation on Iraq War, 2007. From the 2001 Art Faculty Biennial Exhibition.


1994 - 2000

Lisa Young, Somewhat Ceremonial Jar, 1999. From the 1999 Art Faculty Biennial Exhibition.