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Copyright, Fair Use, & Intellectual Property

Here are some helpful tips to ensure that your social media posts are copyright compliant.

  1. Include Attribution
    • To the fullest extent possible, provide attribution in a form satisfactory to scholars in the field. Not only are you giving credit to the copyright owner, but you are also helping your followers find these valuable works in our collections.
  2. Provide Context
    • Why are you sharing this work? Is it representative of a collection or event you are advertising? Does it relate to a current event? Providing context can provide deeper engagement with your followers and helps support your fair use of the work.
  3. Link to the Catalog Record
    • Attribution is great, but a direct link to the catalog record or event posting is even better! You can increase the visibility of the work you are sharing as well as the overall collection, exhibit, or event.
  4. Link to our Copyright Information
    • Providing a link to our copyright policy shows your followers that Guilford College cares about copyright.

Pro-Tip: Consider using a Link in Bio.
Some social media sites make it difficult, or impossible, to share more than one link at a time (looking at you, Instagram!). A link in bio, like Linktree, will allow you to share more links, so you won’t have to worry about linking to the catalog record or copyright information.