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ENGL 102: Guilford Issues Research Project (Budhecha)

Project Details

Phase I: Research and Write-ups

  1. Research problem and rationale. Here you will articulate the research problem and the reasons why it’s important to look into. The way you frame the problem will likely shift and develop over the next few weeks.

  2. Library research. Here you will need to find relevant and appropriate sources that will help you to discuss the history and currency of your topic. You need to find 3 sources about Guilford, and 2 sources about other school(s). Of these 5 sources, only 2 can be school websites; the others need to be school newspapers, etc.

  3. Interviews/Surveys. Here you will interview or survey people on this campus and/or people you know at other schools who are involved with this issue—you need a total of three interviews or two interviews and one survey.

  4. Source Write-Ups. Here you will formally summarize and analyze your sources (worth 10% of your final grade).


  • Official Documents: government studies, college reports, meeting minutes

  • Organizations: political think tanks, public policy centers, special institutes

  • News Media: national, local and/or campus newspapers, TV and radio

  • Education Journals: Chronicle of Higher Education, peer-edited journals

  • Primary Research: interviews with campus administrators, student leaders, and/or local governmental officials, firsthand accounts