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Hege Research Award

H. Curt '56 and Patricia S. '57 Hege Research Award Winners


Aylen Bernal, Psychology and Public Health, "Sexual Minority: Young Adults' Attachment Security Associated with Greater Sexual Satisfaction" [Nominated Aleks Babić, Assistant Professor of Public Health]

Ainsley Kalb, English and Philosophy, "The Sojourner's Dictionary and (Non)Universal Language, 'Taxonology,' and Différance: An Etymology of the Fictionary" [Nominated by Heather Hayton, Robert K. Marshall Professor of English]



Emma English, Political Science and English, "The Impact of Online Medical Rhetoric on Prospective Parents Use of ARTS" [Nominated by Parag Budhecha, Director of the Writing Program, and Ken Gilmore, Professor of Political Science]

Brooks Stemple, Economics, "Fix or Risk: How the Fed's Pandemic Policy Response Has Worked through the Corporate Bond Market" [Nominated by Robert G. Williams, Professor of Economics, and Natalya Shelkova, Associate Professor of Economics]

Honorable mention: Beulah Gullion, History, "Friends Divided: Willie Frye and the Conflict of Consciences" [Nominated by Sarah Thuesen, Professor of History]



Jillian Morrison, Psychology, "Can Pets Cure Loneliness? An Analysis of the Human-Animal Connection in the Context of COVID-19" [Nominated by Chris Henry, Associate Professor of Psychology]

Gracie Perry-Garnette, Biology, "Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD) on the Reefs of North and Middle Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands" [Nominated by Melanie Lee-Brown, Professor of Biology]



Mallory Cerkleski, Sustainable Food Systems, "“Not Your Mother’s Food Aid”: Political Strategies for Controlling Food Aid – A Comparative Study from Kenya and Malawi from 2006-2018" [Nominated by Bronwyn Tucker, Visiting Instructor for Environmental Studies, and Sonalini Sapra, Assistant Director of the Center for Principled Problem Solving and Excellence in Teaching]

Reva Kreeger, History,  “Let Us Get about the Business of Liberation”: Black Greensboro’s Ongoing Struggle for Freedom between 1960 and 1979" [Nominated by Damon Akins, Associate Professor of History ]

Honorable mention: Adyazbeth (Aya) Barrientos Solis, Biology "Disruption of established Staphylococcus aureus biofilms on Medical Plastics using Bacteriophage Sb-1 and Rifampicin" [Nominated by Melanie Lee Brown, Professor of Biology]

Honorable Mention: Kayli Blankenship, Education Studies, "Teacher vs Student Perception of Teaching Methodologies Implemented on the Collegiate Level" [Nominated by David Hildreth, Professor of Education Studies]



Robin Bigaj, Biology, "Maternal Health and Traditional Practices in the Montagnard Communities of Greensboro, NC" [Nominated by Michele Malotky, Associate Professor of Biology]

Chris Collins, Integrative Studies, "Silk Roads and Snow Leopards: The Historical Background and Environmental Implications of China's Belt and Road Initiative" [Nominated by Zhihong Chen, Associate Professor of History]

Honorable mention: Caleb Amstutz, Biology, "Impacts of Hurricanes on Fish Biodiversity in St. John, USVI" [Nominated by Christine Stracey Richard, Assistant Professor of Biology]

Honorable mention: Leanna Kantt, Chemistry, "Spin Probe Studies of Structured Fluids" [Nominated by Gail Webster, Professor of Chemistry]

Honorable mention: Finn Shepherd, German Studies, "Das unbestimmte Geschlecht: Eine Untersuchung von nonbinaren und intersexuellen Identitaten in Deutchland" [Nominated by David Limburg, Professor of Foreign Languages]



Caleb Anderson, Political Science, "In Plain Sight" [Nominated by Maria Rosales, Associate Professor of Political Science]

Anna Kelly, Religious Studies, "Scholars Be Trippin': Rethinking the Relationship Between SBNRL and Religious Tourism" [Nominated by Jill Peterfeso, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies]

Honorable mention: Sierra Saykeo, Psycholology, "Factors that Affect Help-Seeking: Examining Racial Differences Between Whites, Asians, and African Americans" [Nominated by Eva Lawrence, Professor of Psychology]

Honorable mention: Dana Waskiewicz, Biology, "The Effects of Green Tea on Acid-Producing Bacteria of the Buccal Flora" [Nominated by Melanie Lee Brown, Professor of Biology]



Ro Lutenbacher, Psychology, "Latino Students' Family Values and Sense of Belonging in Higher Education." [Nominated by Eva Lawrence, Professor of Psychology]

Taryn McFadden, Biology, "Resistance of complex biofilms, containing both bacterium Staphylococcus aureus and the yeast Candida albicans, to ultrasonic disruption from medical grade plastics." ​[Nominated by Melanie Lee-Brown, Professor of Biology]



Sydney Leigh Brown, Psychology and Art, "A Comparison of Genital Self-Image, Body Esteem, Communication Tendencies, and Media Consumption Between Cis Women and Individuals in the Trans* Community" [Nominated by Kathrynn Adams, Professor of Psychology]

Emma Rountree, History, "'A Nation of Hero-Worshippers': Queen Marie of Romania, the United States of America, and the Rise of the Royal Celebrity" [Nominated by Phil Slaby, Professor of History]



Caleb Brown, Biology and Chemistry, "Using Stigmatella aurantiaca Derived Natural Products for Quorum Quenching and Biofilm Disruption of Pseudomonas aeruginosa" [Nominated by Robert Whitnell, Professor of Chemistry]

Julia Draper, Integrative Studies, "Past as Prologue: The Relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Health Outcomes in Emerging Adults" [Nominated by Kathrynn Adams, Professor of Psychology]

Honorable mention: Emily Van Haneghan, Political Science and Peace and Conflict Studies, "Women and War: Evaluating Gender Equality's Impact on State's Level of Peace" [Nominated by Kenneth Gilmore, Professor of Political Science]

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