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How Do I...? Guide

The Research and Writing Cycle

The research and writing process isn't a straight line from topic to paper. The best research-based writing and presentations treat research and writing as an interconnected process in which you:

  • Choose Your Topic, Refine Your Topic, Create Keywords
    • Preliminary background research helps you choose a topic that is well-supported by credible sources of the type that your assignment requires and is interesting to you.
    • You'll want to break down your topic into smaller, more manageable ideas.  These can then be used as keywords for your searching.
  • Find Sources
  • Evaluate and Use Sources 
    • Establish the credibility and quality of the information that you find based on authority and context.
  • Write Your Paper and Cite Your Sources‚Äč
    • Use what you've learned through research to support your own work, and give credit for the work of others through citation.