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Using the Library Catalog

WorldCat Account

A WorldCat account is separate from your Library Account. This free account allows you to:

  • Create lists
  • Save searches
  • Write reviews
  • Create tags and more!

How to create your WorldCat Account

1. Go to http://guilford.worldcat.org/ and click on the Sign In button next to WorldCat.

2. Choose create an account now.


3. Fill out the form, check the box to certify that you are of age, and click I agree to create your account.

4. Return to WorldCat Sign In to login to your new account.

Creating Lists

1. Search for your item(s) in WorldCat.

2. Select the items you wish to add to your list. Click select all or click on the box next to each item.

3. Click the drop down and select new list or add to an existing list.

4. Click Save

5. To create a new list enter the name of the list, select privacy options and click create new list.

Sharing Lists

1. Under the My WorldCat Dropdown Menu, select My Lists. Note: You can also click on your username in the top right-hand corner of the screen and choose "Lists" on your profile page.


 2. Choose a list by clicking on it.

3. To share: Go to the Share tab at the top of the page to add names and email addresses of friends. To cite: Click on Citations View Tab. From the drop down menu you can choose to export the citations in various styles and formats. Click Export to finish.

Finding Lists

This is a great way to find items related to your interests.

1. Click on the Search drop-down menu on the top of the screen and Search for Lists. 

 2. The results will display. Select a list by clicking on it.


3. Click "Watch this List" button to link the list to your profile.