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Library Mission & Vision

In furthering institutional values and academic principles, Hege Library is a cornerstone for teaching, learning, research, and scholarship at Guilford College. The Library leads and partners within its community to foster a culture of scholarly exploration and experimentation, to promote creativity and innovation, and to provide the resources and services that place Guilford at the forefront of liberal education within our global society.  

Our vision is to be a symbol of academic excellence and institutional distinctiveness in furthering innovation through collaboration.

Hege Library

Hege Library ensures that the educational, research, and service priorities of Guilford College are met by providing innovative, curriculum-integrated instruction, personalized research assistance, and customized instructional technology consultation and facilitation. Information literacy is central and vital to the mission of Hege Library. Faculty librarians partner with teaching faculty to develop and implement the information literacy curriculum, providing a suitable program of instruction for students in the identification, location, evaluation, and use of the full range of academic information resources required to further teaching and learning.

The Library recently completed a strategic planning initiative, outlining a strategy for reimaging the Library as an "Academic Commons." In embarking upon this initiative, the goal was to develop a strategic plan through a results-oriented process that would be intentionally short-term, productive, and focused on achieving critical goals for Library Services and Instructional Technology within the broader institutional context.

We envision the Library as the College's cultural and intellectual center, exemplifying Guilford's unique experiential approach to liberal arts education. As the Academic Commons, the Library will promote authentic campus partnerships, will foster a sense of academic community, will further a culture of experimentation, and will serve as a catalyst for the innovative and strategic design of learning space campus-wide. In providing flexible creation spaces that may continually evolve as needs change, and within the Library not only supporting but modeling meaningful collaboration for our students, we will further the fulfillment of the primary emphasis of the College's mission to provide a "transformative and practical liberal arts education."

The Guilford Community is invited to read our strategic plan, Hege Library Strategic Directions, 2014-2017: The Library as "Academic Commons" and the Learning Technologies Strategic Plan, Hege Library Strategic Plan for Learning Technologies 2016-2021

Quaker Archives

The Quaker Archives at Guilford College acquires, organizes, preserves and makes available, not only to the College but to the wider community of researchers, materials, both published and unpublished, related to both Guilford College and the history of the Religious Society of Friends. The collection has a special responsibility for comprehensiveness in documenting and for nurturing research relating to the spiritual, intellectual and cultural heritage of Quakerism in the southeastern United States.

Guilford College Art Gallery

Also housed within the Library is the College’s Art Gallery, which supports the academic endeavors of Guilford College by enhancing critical thinking and visual acuity, promoting awareness of diverse cultures, fostering interdisciplinary studies, and cultivating social justice through rotating exhibitions, educational programming, and the stewardship of the College’s permanent collection of fine art. Spanning more than 4000 years and four continents, this distinctive collection includes more than 1500 original works of art by more than 600 artists.