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Hege Library & Learning Technologies

Reserving Spaces

Reserving a study space

Starting Monday 14 September, the Hege Library Academic Commons will open to the campus community via card swipe and by reservation or appointment only Monday through Friday. 

  • For students: a reservation or a valid appointment with an office in Hege are required for entry. Reservations for study and collaboration space initially will be available to schedule online in 2 hour blocks as follows:
    • Block 1: 8:30am-10:30am
    • Block 2: 2:30pm-4:30pm
      • NOTE: Reservations will be honored up until 45 minutes before the end of the block, after which time card swipe access is deactivated.

  • An additional block, extending 11:30-1:30 will be added to the schedule as midterms approach.

  • For faculty and staff: access is available via an appointment with individuals or for meetings scheduled in offices within Hege only. No unscheduled visits may be accommodated at this time, as capacities must be carefully controlled. Ideally, appointments will be set to work within the scheduled blocks, as card swipe access will not be available during the blocks of time reserved for cleaning.

Required of all for entry and space use:

Please Note: Hege policies and procedures are in alignment with Guilford’s Health and Safety Task Force strategic plan, StayHealthy@GuilfordCollege: Reopening Campus 2020.

  • A valid Quaker Card. No one will be allowed entry on another individual’s card.
  • Temperature Check. All who enter also will be required to have their temperature checked and to be checked in with a staff member to confirm their reservation or appointment. 
  • Daily Self-Check Verification. All who enter will be required to present a screen shot evidencing passing results of their daily self-check. 
  • Social distancing. All space use is subject to social distancing requirements. Furniture and seating may not be moved.