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Hege Library & Learning Technologies

What's Happening at Hege!

Is this Library getting rid of all books and going completely digital?

No! As clearly stated in the Library’s strategic plan, we are committed to the development of the physical collection as a vital resource, particularly supportive of the serendipity of discovery. In order to ensure that our physical collection is reflective and supportive of Guilford’s academic program and the interdisciplinarity that characterizes it, and that it is culturally responsive, librarians, in close consultation with academic department faculty, currently are engaging in collection analysis and evaluation.  This includes determining those books that, because of infrequent circulation and/or condition issues, may be relocated to remote (i.e. Library basement) storage for retrieval upon demand. This has the additional benefit of allowing us to create new and exciting learning spaces within the Library in support of 21st century teaching, learning, and research.

Why are you throwing away books?

Following review by librarian liaisons in consultation with departmental faculty, materials determined to be unsuitable for the Library’s collection due to condition, currency, relevancy, accuracy, or bias are withdrawn from the collection. We partner with Better World Books and send a large number of items to this worldwide distribution agency. Those books that Better World will not take (for reasons similar to our own evaluation criteria) are made available to CCE SGA leadership, at their request, for possible distribution within the immediate community where it is determined  they might be beneficial.  Items unwanted by either are recycled.  Our position relating to CCE community distribution is that there be mindfulness for condition and relevancy, out of respect of those to whom books are donated.

What happened to the books on the second floor?

Items on the second floor in call number ranges F- JK are under review and have been temporarily relocated to remote (i.e. Library basement) storage as we prepare the space for its exciting transformation into a Teaching, Learning, and Research Collaboratory.   Items in remote storage are retrievable upon request. Please ask at the Information Desk for assistance.

If I return an iPad, can I immediately check out a three-day loaner laptop, or the other way round?

A 24-hour waiting period is required between extended period technology checkouts. You may only checkout three (3) extended loan materials with only 24-hours between each check out period in a row.  After this time, you must wait at least a week before checking out another extended loan item.