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Fall 2020 Teaching Modes

This guide provides resources and guidance for faculty around different possible modes of instruction for the Fall 2020 semester, including face-to-face, hybrid, and online. We will continue to update this guide throughout the summer, so check back for up


The goal for this guide is to provide a quick rundown of different teaching mode, their best practices, related considerations for the Fall 2020 semester, and further resources for learning more about each of them. Each mode has a page dedicated to it - click the links below or the navigation items on the left-hand side to learn more:

No matter the mode you have chosen for the fall, you will need to do the following:

  • Consider, as you plan for the fall, the ongoing trauma of this current moment, and how you could adapt your pedagogy accordingly.
  • Survey your students, to get a sense of their access needs, technology availability, scheduling concerns, and more.
    • Here is an example of a student survey for COVID-19 planning, created by Danya Glabau, who teaches at NYU, and an example of a pre-semester survey, created by Meredyth Wegener, who teaches at Vanderbilt, gathering information on student access needs and questions about their interests and needs relating to the course.
  • Once surveyed, help connect students with technology necessary for the course through campus resources.
    • Hege Library & Learning Technologies is working with faculty to enable students to complete their coursework utilizing devices provided to them on an extended loan basis. Both laptops and other mobile technologies associated with The Mobile Edge initiative are available. Instructors, for example, may arrange for all students in the class to be equipped with tablets (iPad minis or Androids and keyboard extensions) for special projects associated with the course. Instructors also may recommend students in need be assigned a laptop for the duration of the semester to generally facilitate their ability to complete course requirements.
  • Finally, communicate your plan, availability, and expectations clearly, and continue to communicate throughout the semester as potential changes arise.

Resources Across Modalities

The following resources provide practical consideration across modalities:

The following resources touch on the future of teaching in higher education as we move forward from this moment: