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Quakers in Latin America: Quaker Archives Resources

Resources relating to Quakers in Latin America, including useful introductory sources and primary sources in the Quaker Archives at Guilford College.

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After several independent requests inviting Friends to begin a ministry in Cuba, the American Friends Board of Missions sent Zenas Martin to Havana in 1900, supported by Wilmington (Ohio), Iowa, Western, Indiana, and North Carolina yearly meetings. Francisco Cala, a protestant Cuban minister who embraced Quaker ideals, had already grown a meeting in Havana. Martin and a small group of American and Mexican missionaries began their ministry in Gibara, a more remote area still impoverished by the Spanish-American War. Friends’ meetings and schools branched out from Gibara to Holguín, Banes, and Puerto Padre, with itinerant work and missions in rural villages. Cuba Yearly Meeting became a separate entity in 1927.

The Cuban Revolution brought changes and trials. The new government confiscated all private schools, including Friends’. Some teachers moved to the U.S.A. and some remained in the government schools. Amidst embargoes and mistrust between the democratic and communist countries, Cuban Friends have basically been cut off from the rest of the world since 1961, with the exception of occasional visits from outside Friends, Cuban Friends who have been able to attend world conferences, and immigrants to the United States. Miami Monthly Meeting in Florida remains a hub of communication for Cuban Quaker immigrants, or “exiles,” in the U.S.

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pamphlet in FHC file: Friends: Cuba

Unpublished Sources

Finding Aid (inventory and descriptions) provided below. These collections are available for consultation in the Quaker Archives Research Room by appointment.

Quaker Periodicals

La Voz de los Amigos (Miami Monthly Meeting). Spanish-language monthly devotional newsletter from Miami Monthly Meeting.

Friends Missionary Advocate (Plainfield, Ind.). News of missionary activities around the world. Issues from 1885 to 1950 available on microfilm in Quaker Books. Issues from 1950 (followed by the present-day Advocate) available in periodicals (Reading Room). Special Cuban edition, Vol. XX, No. 7, July 1904: includes an early history by Mahalah Jay, the first conference of Friends in Cuba, short articles and photos.
microfilm MN #92-024.02


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