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Hege Library & Learning Technologies

Carnegie Gallery Reservations

In an effort to use the display areas of the Hege Academic Commons towards community engagement
and education, we invite both short-term and longer-term exhibition proposals for the Carnegie
Gallery. Please be advised that direct submissions by individual students or student clubs and
organizations cannot be accepted. Such requests must be submitted by faculty or staff sponsors.

Use this form to submit requests for use of the Carnegie Gallery’s physical exhibition space. Once fully
reviewed, your proposal may be approved, declined, or returned for possible resubmission. This exhibit
request may be for all or part of the physical space. See this document for a fuller description of the
space and exhibition elements available.

NOTE: The Carnegie Gallery provides opportunities for digital as well as physical exhibitions. Requests to display content on the Gallery’s digital display panels must be placed via this form. It is possible to request both physical and digital options for exhibitions that will benefit from leveraging both options.

The proposal submitter is the responsible party to coordinate and oversee the physical exhibit
installation. Some installation supplies are available with advanced arrangement (see list here). The
submitter is the curator in this instance (or supervisor of a designee), so the responsibility of being
present and actively participating is required. Once the exhibit has been shown for the coordinated
dates, the exhibit requestor is responsible for the deinstallation of the work by stated dates. 


Submissions are accepted from Guilford College faculty and staff, and on behalf of students of all
majors, skill levels, and backgrounds. We accept work in accordance with the values and standards of
Guilford College. See College Policy Library for the most up to date guidelines and information with
particular focus on the Solicitation Policy, Freedom of Artistic Expression Policy, and Guilford's Principles
of Digital Accessibility. No discrimination shall be made against applications on the basis of race, gender,
sexuality, or religious expression of the applicant.