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Hege Library & Learning Technologies

Carnegie Gallery Reservations

The four digital display panels are of two types: Vertical/Portrait and Horizontal/Landscape. The vertical
displays feature information and announcements of opportunities and events in static format, while the
horizontal displays are for high-level video presentations. Use this form to make requests for either type
of content. Also be advised that requests for use of the Carnegie Gallery's physical display area should
be made via this form

NOTE: For content specifically and exclusively targeted to students, please submit directly to What's the
. One of the two vertical panels is dedicated to the weekly issues of What's the G?, while the second
panel is reserved for information of interest to the entire campus community.

All submissions will be subject to adherence to existing College policies and standards, as follows:

  • Posting/Solicitation Policy
  • Freedom of Artistic Expression Policy
  • Principles of Digital Accessibility

Quality standards set by the Department of Communications and Marketing will be applied in evaluating

Please be advised that direct submissions by individual students or students representing clubs and
organizations cannot be accepted. Such requests must be submitted by faculty or staff sponsors.