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Election: Resources to Vote

This guide is to help Guilford student connect to resources they need to knowledgeably cast their ballots in U.S. elections, including methods to vote locally or by absentee ballot and how to find reliable information about candidates.


  • When and how do I vote?
  • Where do I vote?
  • Who do I know who to vote for and how do I make that decision?
  • How can I attend events and meet up with other college students about these topics?
  • Why should I bother voting?

This guide is designed to help you find informed answers to all these questions and more. Don't find what you are needing to know and aren't sure how to find out? Let us know as we will continue to update with answers to your frequently asked questions and links to other resources.

Essential Steps: Creating Your Plan

  • Do you plan to vote at your home address or from your Guilford address? You can do either option but need to decide in advance so your vote can be cast and counted correctly.
  • Are you a registered voter? Does your registration match where you plan to vote? Even if you think you know, double check now to be sure your registration is current.
  • Are you voting by mail using an absentee ballot?
  • Are you voting in person?