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Election: Resources to Vote

This guide is to help Guilford student connect to resources they need to knowledgeably cast their ballots in U.S. elections, including methods to vote locally or by absentee ballot and how to find reliable information about candidates.

Registering to Vote

Are you already registered to vote?

  • If yes, now is the time to double check your voter registration to be certain it is still up to date.
    • North Carolina Resident? Quick voter look up is here at https://vt.ncsbe.gov/RegLkup/
    • Did you move since the last election? If so, you probably need to update your voting information. It is a violation of state law to return to your old precinct and vote if you have moved more than 30 days ago.
      • You will have to do a provisional ballot and risk your vote not being counted if you show up on Election Day without your address change completed
  • If no, do you plan to register with your home address?
    • Register ASAP. You cannot request an absentee ballot if you are not already a registered voter.
    • Make a voting plan to be sure you know your options are and you are able to cast your vote.
    • If your home is in Guilford County, see instructions below for local voting.
  • If no and you plan to register with Guilford College as your address (or you live locally), information for registering to vote as a Guilford County resident (option for all residential Guilford students)