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Guilford College Theses

Information for finding theses by Guilford College students and guidelines for students completing a thesis.

Guilford College Thesis Collection: Online Repository

Prior to the late 1960s, every graduating senior was required to complete a thesis and some specific programs continue to have a thesis requirement. Those graduating from the Honors Program, with departmental honors, or to fulfill specific requirements for a particular major complete an undergraduate senior thesis. While primarily undergraduate, the thesis collection also includes any master's thesis completed as part of an earlier religion graduate program and more recent thesis from the college's newer graduate programs. Thesis are available full text online for educational use with permission of their authors. JSTOR's Guilford College Thesis Collection is primarily theses written since 2015 and others that have granted permission to be made available online.


Finding Guilford Theses from 1889 to present

Search our full database of theses (5,000+ records) online: 
Guilford College Thesis Collection 
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Depending upon permissions granted, some theses not publicly available online may be available via Art Stor for campus users. Search limited to full text theses available online for campus researchers: Guilford Thesis Collection (Campus Full Text) 

Guilford College Theses: Physical Archives

All submitted thesis submitted prior to 2021 are maintained in paper format in the College Archives. Those not available for use online may be consulted in person by appointment. See instructions above for searching theses through JSTOR from anywhere and via Art Stor on campus with access to those currently available full text online. Contact archives@guilford.edu if you find a thesis listed in our database that you wish to read but are unable to access online.