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Guilford College Theses

Information for finding a senior thesis by Guilford College students and guidelines for students completing a thesis.

Finding Guilford Theses Online

Search our full database of theses (5,000+ records) online: 
Guilford College Thesis Collection 
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*This now includes option to download full-text PDF for pre-1923, most post-2015, and some others with permission.

Depending upon permissions granted, some theses not publicly available online may be available via Art Stor for campus users. Search limited to full text theses available online for campus researchers: Guilford Thesis Collection (Campus Full Text) 

Guilford College Theses

Welcome to the Guilford College theses page! Guilford College seniors graduating from the Honors Program, with departmental honors, or to fulfill specific requirements for a major complete a senior thesis prior to graduation. Students completing their Master's of Science of Criminal Justice are required to complete either a thesis or a problem solving practicum. The term "thesis" as used in submission instructions and guidelines refers to any of these capstone requirements regardless of program or degree. This page is here to help you through the steps of submitting a thesis for the archives and to provide access to theses submitted in the past.

Prior to the late 1960s, every graduating senior was required to complete a thesis and specific programs continue to have a thesis requirement. All submitted thesis are maintain in paper format in the College Archives. A growing number are available online. Others are available for consultation in the Quaker Archives Research Room by request. See instructions above for searching theses through JSTOR Forum from anywhere and via Art Stor on campus with  access to those currently available full text online.