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Information for finding theses by Guilford College students and guidelines for students completing a thesis.

Alumni Theses Authors

Welcome to the alumni page! 

Remember that big project you did that had to be signed by your advisors and turned in for you to graduate? The Guilford College Archives is committed to providing scholarly access to student senior thesis work and also respecting your rights as the author. To that end, we are requesting permission for the archive to make your senior thesis available as a PDF document online through our thesis digital project. All we ask you to do is sign and return the form on this page (scan and e-mail fine or you can mail to us if easier). 

Signing the document does not give away your intellectual rights as you will retain copyright. However, we want to keep you informed and document your permission for this work to be available in this way. More information is also available through our thesis web page. Please feel welcome to contact us if there are any questions: archives@guilford.edu or 336-316-2264. 

Release Form for Online Access

Use MS WORD Version for Download


Copy and paste text below to create your own document without using MS Word


I, [full legal student name as it appear on diploma and thesis cover page], as author with the authority to grant copyright permissions for the aforementioned title, hereby authorize Guilford College to digitize, distribute, and archive the following title for nonprofit, educational purposes via the Internet or successive technologies: 

[Full Official Thesis Title, Year]

This is a non-exclusive grant of permissions for online and off-line use for an indefinite term. Off-line uses shall be consistent either, for educational uses, with the terms of U.S. copyright legislation's "fair use" provisions or, by Guilford College, with the maintenance and preservation of an archival copy. Digitization allows Guilford College to generate image-based and text-based versions as appropriate to maintain file access over time and to provide and enhance access using search software.

This grant of permissions prohibits use of the digitized versions for commercial use or profit.


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