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Guilford College Theses

Information for finding a senior thesis by Guilford College students and guidelines for students completing a thesis.

Thesis Deadlines for 2020-2021 Academic Year

For December 2020 Graduates:

  • All theses, graduate and undergraduate, are due to the Quaker Archives by December 16.

For Spring 2021 Graduates:

  • Honors Program Theses to be submitted to the Quaker Archives by April 9
  • All other theses are due by May 5

Checklist for Submission

  • Required for all theses: PDF version of final thesis, including cover sheet as first page within a single PDF document. Faculty advisors names with title or department/program to be listed on cover page (see Appendix A below). Check with your advisor to see if they still require signatures as this requirement may be waived by some departments for 2020-2021. The single PDF file should also include your digital components page (see Appendix B below) if your project includes digital files not reflected in the PDF. Submit by email attachment to archives@guilford.edu.
  • Required for all theses: Permission form (see Appendix C below) to authorize online access to thesis as a part of the College Archives. This may be submitted as second PDF or photo file attachment sent to archives@guilford.edu.
  • Depending upon your particular thesis: Additional digital components. These may be submitted via postal mail to Quaker Archives, Guilford College, 5800 W Friendly Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27410 on a USB if too large to submit via email attachment.

*Note: Your specific departmental advisor or the Honor's Program may have additional requirements separate from those required by the College Archives.

**Physical paper submission may be waived due to COVID-19 closures. However, those that are able to and wish to do so can follow the guidelines below for physical submission in addition to the digital submission. Thesis and any related components can be mailed to Quaker Archives, Guilford College, 5800 W. Friendly Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27410

Guidelines for Deposit

Thesis format and components

  • The first page is the cover page and should follow the model illustrated in Appendix A. It is essential that the author's name and department be present. The author's name should appear as it does on the college diploma.

  • The submitted thesis must be an official final version with the names of faculty thesis advisors appearing on the cover page.

  • Format with a 1.5 inch left margin.

  • Digital file to be submitted as a single PDF file which includes the front cover page and any supplemental pages describing digital elements.

  • Three-dimensional objects and original physical artwork are not included in the online thesis collection. Those with such a component are asked to submit photographs of the object as part of the PDF digital file.

  • PDF version and release form to be submitted to archives@guilford.edu by the deadline. Earlier deadlines may apply, such as the Honors Program requirement. See Appendix C for release form.

Official Physical (Paper) Version
***May be waived depending upon COVID-19 campus restrictions. Requirements for online submission still apply.***

  • Printed paper copy is still maintained in the archives in addition to the digital submission.

  • The official copy should be clean (should not be marked with comments and corrections).

  • Theses should be submitted unbound and without holes punched.

  • Digital components such as audio visual elements, presentations, programs, and analysis are accepted as appendices to the main text document on a portable storage device (CD or USB drive). A separate page should be included with your text document which describes digital components and includes specifications for any application programs required to open files. Individuals should be aware that some digital formats are non-permanent and may become obsolete over time. The digital components page must be included with printed and PDF official copies of the thesis to identify and describe elements that may be lost otherwise. See Appendix B for digital components page format and required elements.

  • A final signed copy of the thesis must be turned in to the Quaker Archives in Hege Library by the faculty thesis advisor or by the student who has completed the thesis before the deadline to submit grades for graduating seniors. Earlier deadlines may apply, such as the Honors Program requirements. See Appendix C for release form.

  • It is recommended, but not required, that theses be printed on acid-free paper [archival grade permanent paper]; ISO 9706 or ISO 11108]. Double-sided printing is encouraged but individuals are reminded take care that margins meet the 1.5 inch requirement and remain sufficient for binding. Individual programs or departments may require additional copies of the thesis for their files. The additional copies requested by an academic department are not necessarily restricted to the above guidelines.

Guidelines for Access to Theses Collection

The theses are cataloged in the library's system so that researchers may discover them. Theses are kept in the college archives closed stack section of the Quaker Archives and made available to researchers for library use only upon request. Researchers are asked to respect copyright policy. Theses may not be extensively photocopied without prior written permission of the author unless reproduced for institutional accreditation purposes. Proper citation guidelines should be used when quoting or paraphrasing from a thesis. Access may be provided online via a PDF document as an access surrogate to the printed thesis under these same reproduction restrictions.

Originally approved February 3, 2003; updated and revised January 12, 2009 and April 27, 2015. Current version updated March 25, 2020.

Appendix A: Cover page format


[Full Name of Student]

A thesis submitted to the faculty of Guilford College

in partial fulfillment of the requirements for

[name of program (e.g., the Honors Program) or degree]

in [Department or Major]

[Date, i.e. May 1, 2012]



[name of professor], Chair
[Title and/or Department or Program if not reflected by title]


[name of professor]
[Title and/or Department or Program if not reflected by title]

[name of professor]
[Title and/or Department or Program if not reflected by title]

Appendix B: Digital components page

Thesis Title: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Author:  ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Date of submission: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Brief description of digital components:
[Example: Images of 21 drawings produced for thesis project and written reflections from digital portfolio reflecting on artistic process.]



Identify hardware and software used to produce the thesis and necessary to access the digital product submitted: 
Example: Digication's ePortfolio software using MacOSx version 10.7.5 operating system. DVD player required to view.]



List of all files submitted (a legible screen shot or typed list to include full filename, date modified, size, and kind):
[Example: about_me.html May 5, 2013 27 KB HTML document]



Before submitting the thesis to the Quaker Archives, check to be certain the content has properly transferred to the digital medium being submitted. This form must be included with your thesis (both the paper copy and the PDF document).

Appendix C: Release Form for Online Access

Use MS WORD Version for Download


Copy and paste text below to create your own document without using MS Word


I, [full legal student name as it appear on diploma and thesis cover page], as author with the authority to grant copyright permissions for the aforementioned title, hereby authorize Guilford College to digitize, distribute, and archive the following title for nonprofit, educational purposes via the Internet or successive technologies: 

[Full Official Thesis Title, Year]

This is a non-exclusive grant of permissions for online and off-line use for an indefinite term. Off-line uses shall be consistent either, for educational uses, with the terms of U.S. copyright legislation's "fair use" provisions or, by Guilford College, with the maintenance and preservation of an archival copy. Digitization allows Guilford College to generate image-based and text-based versions as appropriate to maintain file access over time and to provide and enhance access using search software.

This grant of permissions prohibits use of the digitized versions for commercial use or profit.


Author Signature

Printed or Typed Name Author

Date of Signature