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North Carolina Quakers, Anti-Slavery, and the Underground Railroad: Yardley Warner

Yardley Warner


Brief Biography:

Date of Birth:    02 Nov. 1815                      Place of Birth:  Penn's Manor Farm, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Date of Death:   04 Jan. 1885                      Place of Death:  North Carolina


Where lived:   Bucks County, PA / Westtown, PA / East Whiteland, Chester County, PA / Philadelphia, PA / Mount Pleasant, Ohio / Greensboro, NC / High Point, NC / Radnorshire, Wales / Jonesboro, TN

Parent's Names:   William and Letitia Field Warner

Spouse's Name(s): Hannah Allen / Anne Elizabeth Horne

Children Names:  Stafford Allen Yardley, Joseph Yardley, and Charles Horne Yardley

Quaker Meeting Membership(s):  Springfield Meeting of Friends, near High Point, N.C


NC Pedia: Warner, Yardley by Treva W. Mathis, 1996


Chronological events in connection with Slavery, Abolition, and the Underground Railroad

1867      Former slave Harmon A. Unthank and Quaker Yardley Warner develop 34 acres in South Greensboro that becomes known as Warnersville.

About Yardley Warner