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Hege Library & Learning Technologies

Hege Library & Learning Technologies Resources for Accessible and Inclusive Learning (RAIL) Initiative

Resources for Accessible and Inclusive Learning (RAIL)

In partnership with Faculty Development, the Hege Library and Learning Technologies RAIL initiative seeks to advance a culture of equity and inclusion in promoting student educational development, engagement, academic success, and persistence to graduation through:

  • commitment to low-and no-cost options for students’ learning resources.
  • commitment to openness and inclusiveness

The cost of required course materials is one of the primary barriers, both to student access and to student choice in pursuing their intellectual and creative passions. Further, it is essential to acknowledge that our students come from varied backgrounds, possess different physical and cognitive abilities; that their lives may require flexibility for balancing their learning with a variety of life circumstances and demands; and that they may be challenged in their ability to access learning resources as needed and in accordance with their personal learning styles and preferences.

NOTE: The Faculty Development Committee has committed up to $5,000.00 in academic year 2025 in support of RAIL as a pilot initiative.