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Hege Library & Learning Technologies

For Faculty: Online Teaching

This guide provides guidance and resources for Guilford College Faculty teaching online classes.

Creating Content in Canvas

All courses are automatically created in Canvas and all students are automatically enrolled based on their enrollment status in Banner.  Adding content to your Canvas course is the easiest way to get content online for your students to access.

If you would like to test things out or create content in an empty course that does not have any students in it, do not hesitate to request a sandbox shell where you can start designing your next course or just experiment with Canvas. When you email Garrett Collins, please include course information, if applicable, in your request (e.g., ENGL 400 Literature and Ethics).

Creating Video-Based Content

You can easily create audio and video-based content to upload to your Canvas course using any of the tools listed below. 

And for those of you recording narrated PowerPoint presentations, here is a walkthrough guide from Microsoft on how to save your presentation as a video file.

If you are using a Mac, please note that you must update your PowerPoint application to the most recent version for the narration features to work correctly. You can do this by going to, logging in with your Guilford email address and network password, and re-downloading the latest version of Microsoft Office/Office 365.

If you are using a Mac and are still experiencing issues getting the audio to work, you may need to "allow" PowerPoint to access your computer microphone from the "Security & Privacy" section of System Preferences. Here are instructions from Apple on how to do this.